I offer intuitive life & creativity coaching/healing support

I use my own creative healing method & be fearless effect + training in life purpose coaching, positive psychology & intuitive healing to help you heal wounds, find fulfillment & follow your heart & desires


You might be..

DistantYou are trying to keep yourself safe from the world. You don’t share your true self. You don’t let people truly see you. You hide. An sometimes you feel like you’ve forgotten who you are. You’ve lost your voice.

An empathYou feel everything around you too much and too deeply. You absorb other people’s emotions as if they are your own. All these emotions get overwhelming to process on your own. You need space to release these emotions.

A giverYou have a lot of love to give. You are always ready to be there for your friends, family and partner, so much so that you completely drain yourself out and there is no love left for yourself and no time for your needs.

A creative individualA blogger, an artist or even a chef. You see the word in unique ways but you’re so afraid. You’re afraid to express your true self in fear that you might face rejection from your friends, family and the world.

Multi-passionateYou are so passionate about everything and always thinking of the next project. There is so much you want to do and all at once. Time is running out. You overwork and drain yourself and leave projects unfinished.

A healer – Your purpose is to help people. You are a light for others. But you find it hard to make time for self-care and you feel tired and frustrated and it effects your work.

You might be all of them at once.

Most of us are. I am too. But I learned to cope with these overwhelming states of emotions and being. You need someone to support you, motivate you and help you. I want to help you.

Here's how we can work together


joy activation artwork

Receive an intuitively guided artwork made just for you + any messages that I receive solely to help activate your joy and passions.

the mindful creative

Intuitive art & writing sessions to bring you back to the flow and fun of life. This is a safe space for expression of all feelings & emotions.

the visible creative

Mentorship for creatives to help you with life coaching + tech / tools to get creatively visible with ease & flow

GROUPs & events

circles & workshops

I host online & in-person personal healing circles & also professional workshops for creatives and entrepreneurs.


soulcare beach day

Self and soul care canvas painting day at the beach in Karachi, Pakistan.

(Coming soon)

expressive painting course

Learn painting skills and techniques and combine them with your own unique, intuitive  creative process and art style

(Coming soon)


i can create a workshop just for you

I design & facilitate group sessions, retreats & workshops on therapeutic art & writing, life purpose, motivation & digital creativity for

  • corporate companies
  • not-for-profit & social enterprises
  • universities
  • families & couples
  • entrepreneurs with group programs / memberships / retreats

I can host these online or in person at a venue (for Pakistan)

Email me ‘Jabeen’ at hello@thewishingwellco.com for a price quote or questions.

i have something for you..

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