are you ready to become energized towards life again?

Express yourself in unique ways & own your amazing self

Do you remember when you were a child & you could dance around, say whatever & didn’t feel ashamed?

Do you remember what it was like to play in the sand & get dirty in the rain?

Do you remember that feeling? Fun, play, and being yourself. Where is it now?

Where did that feeling go?

Why did you start hiding & suppressing yourself?

honey, I've been there and
I know how it feels

I hid myself ever since teenage

My beauty. I stopped wearing makeup & dressing up. Because I felt my friends would feel bad if I looked beautiful. I felt guilty.

My body. I wore loose clothing. I was ashamed of my bloated stomach and my chest. My body wasn’t ‘normal’ so deserved to be hidden.

My voice. I felt like no one understood so what’s the point?

My creativity. Because people around me said that art isn’t a sustainable career

And at last, my emotions. And that was the worst & I didn’t even see it coming. 

It took me YEARS to figure out that all that was happening because I wasn't honoring myself for who I was and living on the wants and needs and desires of others instead.

When I started focusing on myself, my emotions & self-love, everything changed!

I separated myself from the standards of living set by my family, friends, systems & society

I figured out my own, authentic values & ways to live my life

I allow my emotions to flow & know how to process them through creative healing

I’m not afraid to be expressive & creative & project my amazing into the world

I love the stares, the compliments, the bitching about me. It fires me up!

I wake up looking forward to my day & I go to sleep feeling fulfilled, knowing I lived another day being who I truly am & not hiding!

I can help you too inside..

90 days to you

A 3-month private coaching program
to help you find + EXPRESS your TRUE SELF

this program will help you

  • Figure out who you truly are – not what your spouse, parents or family want you to be 
  • Identify your needs, values & desires in life so you don’t waste your time and energy on wrong partners, wrong jobs, wrong friends & focus on what’ & who’s important RIGHT NOW.
  • Learn to appreciate yourself; your image, your body, your skills, your talents & everything amazing about you
  • Become more expressive, creative & face your emotions so you can..
  • Become motivated & be excited for life, work & relationships
  • Become empowered & confident to speak your heart & attract people who understand & connect with the true you
  • Become more self-aware, more fulfilled, more focused, more mindful, more calm & have A LOT MORE FREEDOM!

no more hiding, a lot more expressing

meet real people like you
that I have helped

emotional healing

Since working with Jabeen, I've started reading again. I've started journaling and writing down my favorite thoughts. I have started enjoying my online class. And above all, I am doing all this not because I have to, but because I like. And that's the biggest change ever.
University student, Pakistan

purpose & authenticity

I was feeling quite confused around the path I would like to pursue, could not find my passion and where to focus! I was caught between how people show up online vs what feels good to me. And I've got a lot more clarity but also clear next steps to investigate more towards the direction that feels good in work and life!
Digital Marketeer, UK

emotional healing

I feel very light. The weight of my thoughts is pretty much taken. Also she made a lot of my thoughts very clear for me and I got answers of some of my unanswered questions. Thanks a lot Jabeen! I'll do something that I love to do and I want to do. That makes me feel happy.
Photograher/Video Editor, Pakistan

multi-passionate creative

I booked the call because Jabeen seemed very friendly. Chatting with her was a very comfortable experience. I loved how she dove into different career related questions and really focused on some of the pieces that you don't generally consider when thinking of a career. Like managing your energy with multiple projects and focusing on what keeps you going.
Graphic Designer, Canada

how will I help you?

the magic lies in the power of self-expression

Self-expression is the expression of one’s feelings, thoughts, or ideas, in different creative ways which include writing, art, music, dance, making videos, blogging, beauty & fashion & even cooking! The list is endless.

& I have my own method to help you with that!


be fearless effect

I sat down & compiled everything I did to become passionate towards life & find the confidence to be more of myself & express myself fully. And that is ‘Be Fearless Effect’.

It brings together non-clinical art therapy (expressive & narrative), intuitive art, mindfulness and PERMA model in Positive Psychology.

phase 1

/ overcome self-doubt /

Bringing in new + letting go of some, to diminish the self-doubt that keeps you from being yourself. This involves bringing focus & managing energy.

/ find your creative medium /

Find means of self-expression that is unique to you & flows naturally & makes you feel passionate.

/ create your place of calm /

Curate your safe space & build your calming practice where you can explore your mind by yourself

phase 2

/ find your tribe /

Connect with people who understand what you do & what you are all about

/ total empowerment /

Voice your real thoughts, dress up & show up how you want to everyday, even outside of your safe space. This includes creating your value system & even some beauty/fashion styling calls!


You might be..

DistantYou are trying to keep yourself safe from the world. You don’t share your true self. You don’t let people truly see you. You hide. An sometimes you feel like you’ve forgotten who you are. You’ve lost your voice.

An empathYou feel everything around you too much and too deeply. You absorb other people’s emotions as if they are your own. All these emotions get overwhelming to process on your own. You need space to release these emotions.

A giverYou have a lot of love to give. You are always ready to be there for your friends, family and partner, so much so that you completely drain yourself out and there is no love left for yourself and no time for your needs.

A creative individualA blogger, an artist or even a chef. You see the word in unique ways but you’re so afraid. You’re afraid to express your true self in fear that you might face rejection from your friends, family and the world.

Multi-passionateYou are so passionate about everything and always thinking of the next project. There is so much you want to do and all at once. Time is running out. You overwork and drain yourself and leave projects unfinished.

You might be all of them at once.

Most of us are. I am too. But I learned to cope with these overwhelming states of emotions and being. You need someone to support you, motivate you and help you. I want to help you.


  • 1 90-min session to get started
  • 9 x 60 min zoom calls
  • Call recording + homework emailed to you
  • Bonus – Email support for up-to 2 months after the program ends
  • Bonus – Access to my visualization audios + workbooks + art prompts vault forever
  • Surprise art print by me delivered to your door!

There is too much ugly & toxicity everywhere.

This world deserves your beauty, your lovely, your amazing, your magnificence.



pay in full
(PKR 5000 off)

PKR 40k

that's PKR 444 per day! cheaper than a burger

payment plan

pkr 15k

payment plan

pkr 7.5k


pay in full
($150 off)


that's $17 per day! same as takeout food

payment plan


payment plan


Note: 6% of your payment will be used to conduct my workshops and circles with lower income communities and minorities in Pakistan and also donate to mental health institutions and hospitals, in the form of money or art supplies.

During the 30-min free call, I’ll help you find a way to express your suppressed emotions right away + how to proceed with working together

There will never be a perfect time to
start working on yourself

If you think you don't have time or this program might not help you..

I think you might need this more than I thought!!

I don't want you to go back to your life feeling

unappreciated, unheard, unseen for who you are

I want you to wakeup everyday

calm & energized, like there's hope, clarity& support in your life

Are you ready to go after
your epic life?

say yes to freedom, confidence, motivation, & success

frequently asked questions

This program is a perfect for people who are ready to end their mundane living and start thriving at life, work and relationships and building a life on their own terms, all through becoming more expressive and following their true desires and needs. 

This is a great program for creatives to help them become fearless for their art practice.

Reading books and blogs and watching YouTube videos will only take you so far because they contain general advice. With one-on-one coaching you will get to your goals much faster with uniquely tailored and actionable steps designed just for you and your needs. I will hold a no-judgment space for you and you will have accountability and support, which is much needed when you work on yourself.

There will never a perfect time to go after your epic life. You will always come up with excuses because it’s scary to move towards a change. But believe me, the first step is the hardest but then it gets easier. Especially when you have the support of a life coach.

I believe everybody is creative and you are too. You just haven’t found your unique way to express yourself and your emotions. That is what we will figure out in this program – your unique self-expression practice. So, yes, this is the perfect place to start.

Of course! I will access your specific needs in the first call and we will work towards 3 goals throughout the program.

Apart from the call times mentioned above,  you’ll need to do some homework weekly or implement some tasks. The time for that varies and is flexible.

Therapy involves healing past and current issues caused by trauma, mental illness or serious conditions.

Life coaching is all about looking into the future and creating and going after the life of your dreams. Life coach helps you work around your mental health issues, and doesn’t ‘fix’ your mental health.

You cannot substitute this program for therapy.


If you have any mental or physical disabilities, I cannot help you fix that. BUT I will definitely coach you around that. Make sure you are seeing a therapist for depression, anxiety, etc and not substituting my coaching for that.

I can’t help you live with and deal with a toxic and controlling families and partners in the long run.

questions or concerns?

Email at with subject ‘questions’

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