Creative visibility is a

I consider this a form of art therapy that is distributive and universal. When you showcase your work, you heal yourself + the watcher/the listener/the reader. Because they feel heard. And you activated something in them.

And if they share it with a friend, it causes a ripple effect of healing and spreads throughout humanity.

1 piece of work you created has the capacity to touch so many if you start putting it out there.


Imagine if you could do that too.  You absolutely can.

i can help you own + showcase your
creative talents


the visible creative

private creative mentorship program
To help you with the mindset + tools to get
creatively visible with ease & flow

this is what is possible for you

Unlock your creative blocks & fears so you can start writing or creating in flow

Get started on your creative ventures with ease & flow
Implement your ideas in a healthy way with focus

Streamline all your crazy projects under 1 umbrella If you are multi-passionate

Flexible creativity & content management (I literally do that in my phone!)

Understand your values so you can reflect them in your brand

Become confident to show up online & in-person & speak your truth

Boundaries for unwanted advice, comments & bullying

Manage your energy and productivity and motivation issues

Create content re-purposing strategies for slow and uncreative days so you don’t have to force yourself to be visible and online all the time

Set your goals and accomplish them without burning out

Work on your image and styling that aligns with your brand

Nourish your creativity and create a lifestyle that fuels it

Creative ventures could look like:

  • Starting instagram, a podcast or a blog
  • Filming videos for a course or YouTube
  • Doing photography for yourself or others
  • Hosting circles and workshops
  • Working on your book and magazine
  • Designing interiors for your art or fashion studio

I can help you with all this + more, coming from my freelance and corporate experience in different creative industries

Combined with my own lived experience with 2 chronic conditions and training in psychology, life coaching, intuition and healing through arts and my method ‘be fearless effect’

no more hiding, a lot more expressing

meet real people like you
that I have helped

emotional healing

Since working with Jabeen, I've started reading again. I've started journaling and writing down my favorite thoughts. I have started enjoying my online class. And above all, I am doing all this not because I have to, but because I like. And that's the biggest change ever.
University student, Pakistan

purpose & authenticity

I was feeling quite confused around the path I would like to pursue, could not find my passion and where to focus! I was caught between how people show up online vs what feels good to me. And I've got a lot more clarity but also clear next steps to investigate more towards the direction that feels good in work and life!
Digital Marketeer, UK

emotional healing

I feel very light. The weight of my thoughts is pretty much taken. Also she made a lot of my thoughts very clear for me and I got answers of some of my unanswered questions. Thanks a lot Jabeen! I'll do something that I love to do and I want to do. That makes me feel happy.
Photograher/Video Editor, Pakistan

multi-passionate creative

I booked the call because Jabeen seemed very friendly. Chatting with her was a very comfortable experience. I loved how she dove into different career related questions and really focused on some of the pieces that you don't generally consider when thinking of a career. Like managing your energy with multiple projects and focusing on what keeps you going.
Graphic Designer, Canada


60 min private audio/video zoom sessions

Chat support in-between sessions if you need a push, some motivation or a cheerleader

Email with recap and next steps that will be sent within 7 days of the session

Your google drive folder with notes, homework, session recordings, templates & tech resources

Content reviews if you need me to look at your work [totally optional] + co-working

BONUS You get a free creative healing session whenever you feel overwhelmed

i have a zero exhaustion policy

living with 2 chronic illnesses whilst managing my multiple creative platforms, I have learned how to be visible in a way that gives me energy & doesn’t drain me

we will get down to the reasons that are sucking the fun and energy out of your work & eliminate them

we will make creativity juicier, flexible & more enjoyable for you

there is time in-between calls so you can actually get some work done, rest & not be in a rush


This program is for you if..

This mentorship is meant for creative souls because we operate differently from other people. So general life coaches and business coaches tend to not understand our needs

You could be starting your first instagram or blog or circle and you need creative + emotional support

You could be in business for some time and you feel like pivoting or moving towards social impact work

You could have a chronic illness or be an empath and find it hard to juggle your creative pursuits and need to conserve your energy

You struggle with overwhelm  and creative blocks and you would like to finish your projects with support

You hold respect for the creative experience and process and understand the healing benefits it brings

This program is not for you if..

You are focused on making money and gaining 10k followers. This is not business coaching program

You’re not ready to make any changes in your life or routine. I can’t help you if you aren’t willing to do the work

You are not willing to face your fears and blocks and need an easy strategy

You expect people to hand you everything and do the work for you. This is not a done-for-you service

package options

(these are upfront payments.
payment plans are available too)

single session


1x 60 min zoom session

email with notes + homework



6x 60 min zoom sessions

email with notes + homework

drive folder with resources

chat support

content reviews



12x 60 min zoom sessions

email with notes + homework

drive folder with resources

chat support

content reviews

Note: 6% of your payment will be used to conduct my workshops and circles with lower income communities and minorities in Pakistan and also donate to mental health institutions and hospitals, in the form of money or art supplies.

Are you ready to go after
your dreams?

say yes to showing the world your creative talents

frequently asked questions

Reading books and blogs and watching YouTube videos will only take you so far because they contain general advice. With one-on-one coaching you will get to your goals much faster with uniquely tailored and actionable steps designed just for you and your needs. I will hold a no-judgment space for you and you will have accountability and support, which is much needed when you are putting your work out there.

There will never a perfect time to work on your creative ventures. You will always come up with excuses because it’s scary to move towards a change. But believe me, the first step is the hardest but then it gets easier. Especially when you have the support of a life coach.

Of course! I will access your specific needs in the first call and we will work towards 3 goals throughout the program.

Apart from the call times mentioned above,  you’ll need to do some homework weekly or implement some tasks. The time for that varies and is flexible.

Therapy involves healing past and current issues caused by trauma, mental illness or serious conditions.

Life coaching is all about looking into the future and creating and going after the life of your dreams. Life coach helps you work around your mental health issues, and doesn’t ‘fix’ your mental health.

You cannot substitute this program for therapy.


This is intuitive life and creativity coaching. This is not a substitute for therapy.

If you have any mental or physical disabilities, I cannot help you fix that. BUT I will definitely coach you around that. Make sure you are seeing a therapist for depression, anxiety, etc and not substituting my coaching for that.

questions or concerns?

Email at with subject ‘questions’

don't need this?