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the life re-design

Re-design your life and routine so you can
find purpose, energy & inner peace

this is possible for you..

  • Find clarity on career, purpose, your talents and skills
  • Create goals, visions and steps to move forward with them in healthy ways
  • Improve your productivity, energy and motivation
  • Work with your energy and emotions for productivity
  • Not overwork and learn to slow down
  • Incorporate healthier eating habits and movement into your routine
  • Re-discover your passions and desires

why work with me?

Hi! I’m Jabeen. I’ve been living with 2 chronic illnesses that have taught me a lot about life!

As a result of my illnesses I have suffered anxiety, weight gain and energy issues. Plus mindset blockages and people pleasing habits that prevented me from following my purpose (being an artist and coach)

I’ve learned to create a wellness lifestyle for myself that is sustainable, intuitive and helps me work with my energy and emotions and talents.

I’ve let go trying to fit in, overwork to chase success and money and follow my own heart, intuition and purpose.  I’ve learned to create a business that aligns with my gifts and I also create time for fun, rest and breaks.

All my life experience plus my training in life purpose coaching and positive psychology, I can help you live your life your way and be authentic and energetic.


60 min private audio/video zoom sessions

Homework in the form of worksheets, journaling prompts or research so you self-reflect in-between sessions or a task to improve your creativity

Chat support in-between sessions if you need a push, some motivation or a cheerleader

Email with recap and next steps that will be sent within 7 days of the session

Your google drive folder with notes, homework, session recordings, custom meditation audios, etc

BONUS You get a creative healing session if you feel overwhelmed

some people like you I have helped

Since working with Jabeen, I've started reading again. I've started journaling and writing down my favorite thoughts. I have started enjoying my online class. And above all, I am doing all this not because I have to, but because I like. And that's the biggest change ever.
University student, Pakistan
I was feeling quite confused around the path I would like to pursue, could not find my passion and where to focus! I was caught between how people show up online vs what feels good to me. And I've got a lot more clarity but also clear next steps to investigate more towards the direction that feels good in work and life!
Digital Marketeer, UK
I feel very light. The weight of my thoughts is pretty much taken. Also she made a lot of my thoughts very clear for me and I got answers of some of my unanswered questions. Thanks a lot Jabeen! I'll do something that I love to do and I want to do. That makes me feel happy.
Photograher/Video Editor, Pakistan
I booked the call because Jabeen seemed very friendly. Chatting with her was a very comfortable experience. I loved how she dove into different career related questions and really focused on some of the pieces that you don't generally consider when thinking of a career. Like managing your energy with multiple projects and focusing on what keeps you going.
Graphic Designer, Canada

some more love

i believe in freedom-based living

Freedom from chasing success, clients and money

Freedom from living by other people’s wants and rules

Freedom from toxic productivity and toxic positivity

Freedom to follow your heart, desires and purpose

Freedom to rest, be creative and have fun

Freedom to slow down and experience life for what it is

package options

(these are upfront payments.
payment plans are available too)

single session


1x 60 min zoom session

email with notes + homework



6x 60 min zoom sessions

email with notes + homework

drive folder with resources

chat support

content reviews



12x 60 min zoom sessions

email with notes + homework

drive folder with resources

chat support

content reviews

are you ready for this
freedom too?

say yes to living life your own way

questions or concerns?

Email at hello@thewishingwellco.com with subject ‘questions’

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