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creative healing sessions to bring you back to the flow of life

In our daily life we don’t have a space to express our true self.

Even in art they teach us to create perfect things. In dance they tell us to follow the steps.

We usually suppress feelings we think are a burden for others or our self. Empaths and introverts do this more than often.

We get so caught up in work and relationships, we don’t take out time for self-care or to pay attention to our feelings. The unheard feelings get built up and start effecting our energy and emotional health.

Therapeutic art-making or creative healing is an amazing way in which you can take out time for fun plus connect with your soul and emotions and uncover your body’s natural healing abilities.

Let me help you tap into the incredible healing abilities of creativity.

you will be amazed at what you
can create

Everyone has creative abilities but they get lost or we forget them.

In these sessions I help you awaken not only your creativity but also your inner wisdom, your desires, your emotions, fun, pleasure & happiness.

I help you find your power and flow and let go of perfectionism and control.


60 min private audio/video zoom sessions

Homework in the form of journaling prompts or so you self-reflect in-between sessions or a task to improve your creativity.

Chat support in-between sessions if you need a push, some motivation or a cheerleader

Email with recap and next steps that will be sent within 7 days of the session

Your google drive folder with notes, homework, session recordings & any art prompts you’d need

what happens in a session?

You don’t need to prepare anything because this isn’t a test or art assignment. I will guide you through the process.

I ask you some questions to start the session. We begin with some music and meditation. I guide you to explore your feelings. Then I give you art prompts followed with writing prompts.

I give you space if you want to cry or sit in silence exploring what you feel or what you have created. You are welcome to speak when you are ready to. I give some life coaching to help you go over what you’ve discovered and integrate it into your life.

There is no judging. I help you come to your own conclusions. The session goes in flow with your current needs.

I give you some creative homework, usually a writing prompt or any habits or changes you need to incorporate.

how art has helped me

I hid my emotions for years because I felt they didn’t have a space. Then I started hiding my voice an eventually my body and beauty.

I developed chronic illnesses as a result of hiding my truth.

Creativity has allowed me tap into my power and joy when I thought there was no happiness or hope left in my life.

It has allowed me to tap into my intuition and inner wisdom so I can shed light on my darkness. It’s like having a conversation with my soul. It has created self-trust and it’s a space where all my emotions are seen, heard and loved.

how can I help you

In our sessions we can go over

  • tapping into your gifts, desires or self-discovery
  • any physical pain you’re feeling
  • any emotional pain or overwhelm due to a breakup or life change or existential crisis
  • creative overwhelm or block due to having too many ideas, trying to be perfect, etc
  • you want to connect with your intuition and wisdom and learn to manage your emotions yourself
  • or just want to make art for fun without being perfect & being in flow


Healing works in layers.

Taking regular sessions will help you connect with your soul and intuition, understand yourself better and heal the root causes and wounds as we go deeper.

While working with me you will able to start using creativity as a self-healing practice all by yourself.

Note: This is non-clinical art therapy. This is not a replacement for medical help or therapy. I’m not trained to work with people who have visual or hearing impairments.

creative support and guidance

package options

(these are upfront payments.
payment plans are available too)

single session

PKR 3500

1x 60 min zoom session

email with notes + homework


PKR 20k

6x 60 min zoom sessions

email with notes + homework

drive folder with resources

chat support



12x 60 min zoom sessions

email with notes + homework

drive folder with resources

chat support

Note: 6% of your payment will be used to conduct my workshops and circles with lower income communities and minorities in Pakistan and also donate to mental health institutions and hospitals, in the form of money or art supplies.

Are you ready for creative wisdom?

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