Are you tired of chasing goals & success?

Let’s slow down together
& find freedom

Dear burned out creative,


I see you struggling everyday.


You lack the inspiration to create. You’re not as creative as you used to be.


You don’t have many creative people around you who understand your struggles.


You are so stressed out and unproductive and unmotivated and it makes you angry. You feel like you don’t like what you do anymore.


Somewhere along the way, you got lost in the chase and competition and trying to be the best.


You are afraid your creative freedom is gone & your creative energy is dying. And it has started to effect your work and your emotional health.


I understand what a struggle that is. It is completely valid. I know because I was you once. And I have been you over and over and over again, until I learned I deal with these issues in a sustainable way.


I’m here to guide you and other beautiful souls like you if you’re ready to connect with others, slow down and bring your creative energy back.

hi. I'm Jabeen.

I have burned out over and over again. In early 2018, I had the worst creative burnout at my corporate job. It came to a point when I locked myself in the office bathroom and cried for an hour. I left my job abruptly with only 1 plan: creative freedom and connection.


I burned out again in 2019 after the pandemic, when I lost my part-time job and decided to go all in my current business. This was even worse because I started to lose my hair due to the stress.


After a lot of inner work I realized the reasons.  Being a straight A student, a perfectionist and over worker it was very hard for me to slow down and pay attention to my emotions and energy. Over the years my routine hadn’t been fueling and nourishing myself and my creativity.

Now I am giving you that time and sacred space to connect with yourself and others and nourish your creative energy so you can show up for your work.

But first, you need to show up for yourself. 

this is possible for you if you commit to yourself

Get your creative juices flowing and become inspired

Turn inspiration and ideas into content, art, writing, podcast or personal projects

Create from heart and joy and not get caught up in self-doubt & perfectionism

Be productive in a way that feels good & doesn’t compromise on fun, rest & freedom

Slow down, sit with your emotions & find calm

Have a sacred, supportive space of like-minded creatives on the same journey as you

Re-design your creative process that keeps you healthy and motivated

Step out for your comfort zone, speak your heart and make connections & collaborations that will last longer than this program

“What happens when people open their hearts?"

"They get better.”

Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

what's inside..

6x 75 min art circles $400

So I can guide you to draw, paint & write from heart & share your self-reflections in a sacred space with other creatives so you can find flow, creative freedom and inspiration

4x 45 min private calls $750

So I can give you extra support you need to turn your ideas into reality or re-design your routine or creative process. You can take these within 8 weeks since the start of the program. (I will not coach in the circle because I don’t want you feel like a deer in the headlights)

Instagram group chat + (connection challenge) $300 – connection

Weekly fun prompts in the instagram group chat so you can expand your circle, connect and collaborate. This is great for introverts especially.

Printable workbook $50

so you can track and reflect on your weekly “burn out to bliss” progress, brainstorm ideas + discuss and reflect during the private coaching calls if you’d like

A set of printable art

My gift to you so you can decorate your work desk for extra inspiration

+ these alumni specials

My alumnis are my gems! Here’s how we can collab

Do you like to write and share your opinions? Get a chance to write on my blog

Do you like to speak? Do a live in my Facebook group or be interviewed on my podcast

Features on my instagram / facebook community

Chance to do a masterclass in any of my future group programs in your area of expertise



$200 credit that can used to work with me inside my 1:1 signature program

6% of your payments will be used to donate to orphanages and hospitals that carry out art therapy.

are you ready to invest in yourself?

This program is valued at $1700 but priced at $888.

Plus you get further $150 off you sign up by June 14th.

There is a payment plan available as well if you email me.

$306 for 3 months.

enrollment ends June 23rd (extended to June 26th)

what is an art circle like

Art circles are a supportive, no-judgement space where I will facilitate art and writing exercises so you can unlock what’s in your brain and connect to your heart. The sharing makes it even more special and sparks inspiration.

Tentative themes for the circle in this program

  • Introductory circle, our emotions and desires
  • The places, people and things that inspire us
  • Fears and blocks around creativity
  • Decoding our dreams and our why
  • Fears and blocks around confidence
  • Collaborations

You can watch the replay inside my group to see what an art circle is like >> join here

read some reviews from previous circles

This program is for you if

  • You’re a creative, entrepreneur, content creator, artist, etc
  • You’re effin tired of other coaches always focusing on money and chasing clients
  • You want to relax, slow down and connect to yourself
  • You want to find confidence to speak your heart
  • You’re ready to commit to the art of slowing down
  • You want to explore more ways of being creative

This program is not for you if

  • You’re not ready to make any changes in your mindset or lifetsyle
  • You just care about making more $$$$
  • You don’t care about connection
  • You judge people and laugh at them for being imperfect
  • You like to complain without putting in the work and blame other people

there are only 8 spots!

I like to keep my circles small so I can connect with you better. I’m inviting you to my creative cocoon and I don’t want you to miss out!

questions or concerns?

Email at with subject ‘questions’ or DM me on instagram

would you like to work with me for longer?