meet jabeen.

I’m Jabeen, expressive artist, writer, healer, coach and speaker, based in Karachi, Pakistan.

I’m an empath, a green juice lover and a closet singer. I love soulful indie music, dancing without knowing any moves, I love roses and lately I can’t finish a book to save my life. I’m into spirituality and astrology. I’m a capricorn sun, libra moon, the individualist (enneagram) and a splenic projector (human design).

Most importantly, I love helping people live a fulfilled life and that is why I started The Wishing Well Co.

turning pain into opportunity...

I always knew I wanted to help people but I didn’t know how. I knew I wanted to be an artist  but I couldn’t find the courage. I made my first website in 6th grade. I started writing songs and poems at 15, in a password protected MS Word document, that I have now lost. I painted my first purple rose at 17 with really bad poster paints. 

As life progressed, I suppressed my creative side, my voice, my looks and eventually my feelings and emotions. I turned into a zombie that knew how to get straight A’s only and say yes to people and go out of my way to help people, but no will to live and no reason to wake up in the morning.

As years passed, things got worse and worse. After my father passed away, I started getting really sick, both physically and mentally and I got diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and IBS at 24. And seemingly I had been depressed ever since my teenage. The validation of being clinically diagnosed was the miracle I needed because I decided then that enough is enough and I need to take charge of my life.


I turned my suffering and pain into something that could help inspire other people to work on themselves and give them hope, as well as be a way for me to express my deepest thoughts and feelings that people around me weren’t willing to listen. That’s how The Wishing Well took off around 2018 unofficially through posting my writing and art on instagram and officially in early Dec 2019.

my mission & dream

Through my art practice I want to educate people on the outcomes of emotional and physical suppression, make the silent sufferers feel validated and give them hope that a change is absolutely possible. Read more about my art here.

Through my coaching, I want to help people on a more intimate and transformative level and guide them through the process of finding expression, release and healing through different forms of art, in their personal life and business, so they can become motivated towards their life and passions again and find fulfilment and reason to be. Read more about my coaching here.

My dream is to make art accessible to people and not limited to art galleries, art institutions and the like. The world needs art and I would like more and more people to experience it and more artists to express themselves fearlessly and find their own path. So they can enable and empower more creatives to do so. In the near future I plan to give other independent artists the space and community to voice their opinions and truth to the universe by becoming a curator.

social responsibility

I absolutely believe in giving back. Volunteering has always helped me find my balance and get closer to my reason for being. It also helps me live my mission, to make art more accessible.

In the past I have done several drawing circles in parks for artists and hobby artists to relax, meet like-minded people and talk about true things that matter.

I carried out fundraising and conducted art workshops on stress release called “Stress Scribbles” at welfare schools Like TCF college and Khadija Memorial for upto 100 students at a time. I also carried out art activities with a girls’ orphanage and guided them through emotional release and finding positivity and self love. I conduct free online trainings with different  welfare institutions from time to time.

Currently, 6% of my earnings through selling art and life coaching go towards creating an art charity fund, which will be used to conduct more of my workshops and circles with lower income communities and minorities and also donate to mental health institutions and hospitals, in the form of money or art supplies.

speaking, events & media

Upcoming July 2021 / Must Love Self podcast

May 2021 / Creative Healing Circle @ Embody Me Live Wellness Membership 

April 2021 / Guest Lecture @ Ziauddin College of Liberal Arts / Digital Journaling

March 2021 / Corporate Therapeutic Art Workshop @ Hilal Foods for Women’s Day / Needs & desires

Feb 2021 / Speaker at Simply Happy Summit / Creative expression is the way out

October 2020 / Creatively Balanced Podcast / Can you make a career out of art?

June 2020 / Creative Pool / The art of change

Jan 2020 / Taskeen / Video interview

August 2019 / Taskeen / Stories of resilience

exhibitions & fairs

Indie Art Bazaar 2021 @Manhattan Express Cafe

Indie Art Fair 2019 @Royal Rodale / Crafter’s Guild

Crafter’s Expo 2019 @Royal Rodale / Crafter’s Guild

Hafta Itvaar Bazar 2019 / The Second Floor

House of Art group exhibit 2018

YALE festival group exhibit 2017 @Beach Luxury

trainings & certificates

Life coach training from Transformation Academy & Divine Living

Healing with Arts / University of Florida

Positive Psychiatry & Mental health / University of Sydney

Peace Fellowship / Karachi Citizen Lab

Figure drawing / Amy Wynne @ LinkedIn Learning

Fashion Design / Karachi School of Art

Graphic Design / Karachi School of Art

contact me.

Email at for art commissions, exhibitions, life coaching queries, speaking/workshops/artist talks or any other collaborations and allow me 48 hours to get back to you.

Book a FREE 30-min ‘speak your heart’ call to help you get started on your self-love journey.

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