art is the cure .

heal yourself & others by
embracing your gifts


I’m Jabeen, an intuitive artist, writer, healer & mentor. I’m SUPER PASSIONATE about helping artists & creative entrepreneurs find & love their true selves & be fearlessly visible.

My own journey to self-acceptance has been life-changing & I want to share it with you in hopes to inspire you & help you with yours!

what I do

I make paintings & drawings & write prose & poetry to help the silent sufferers who hide & minimize themselves both physically & emotionally, feel validated & inspire them with my journey towards fulfilment.


I work with creatives & empaths 1:1 & in groups to help them become motivated & energized towards life, work & relationships by paying attention to self-love, self-expression & emotional healing.


the things I believe in


be fearless effect

I sat down & compiled everything I did to become passionate towards life & find the confidence to be more of myself & express myself fully. And that is ‘Be Fearless Effect’.

It brings together non-clinical art therapy (expressive & narrative), intuitive art, mindfulness and PERMA model in Positive Psychology.

phase 1

/ overcome self-doubt /

Bringing in new + letting go of some, to diminish the self-doubt that keeps you from being yourself. This involves bringing focus & managing energy.

/ find your creative medium /

Find means of self-expression that is unique to you & flows naturally & makes you feel passionate.

/ create your place of calm /

Curate your safe space & build your calming practice where you can explore your mind by yourself

phase 2

/ find your tribe /

Connect with people who understand what you do & what you are all about

/ total empowerment /

Voice your real thoughts, dress up & show up how you want to everyday, even outside of your safe space. This includes creating your value system & even some beauty/fashion styling calls!


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"In the midst of the winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer."

-Albert Camus

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