are you dragging yourself
through the day.. week.. life?

find your true self &
live your epic life everyday

Is this where you are now?

I know you feel lost and confused.

Life is not how you expected it to be.

You do the right things. You make others happy.

But you’re drained and exhausted. You’re running around in circles for the ideal job or career and chasing after people. But you just don’t feel fulfilled.

You wish you were able to wake up energized and motivated and tick off things from your calendar. You’ve stopped making calendars now and you barely get through the day.

You end up blaming yourself. For not being worthy of love, happiness and a good life.

You open your Instagram and see your friends who are doing so well at life. Your last resort is texting your ex at 12 am.

honey, I've been there and
I know how it feels

infact for 7 years

  • I became chronically ill because of the stress and overwhelm and stuck between what I wanted vs what society wanted
  • I changed jobs and careers 6-7 times all before 26
  • I stayed in a abusive relationship because I didn’t feel worthy of love
  • I wasted energy on people who didn’t value me or need me

It took me YEARS to figure out that all those issues boiled down to not knowing myself for who I was, lack of self-worth and lack of purpose in life.

When I started focusing on self-love & purpose, my life changed!

Look at me now

  • I am my own cheerleader and motivator
  • I have my ideal career and hobbies that drive me
  • I know where and how to spend my precious energy (not texting exs at 12 am!)
  • I have my realistic self-care plans and calendars that I follow
  • I wake up looking forward to my day and I got to sleep feeling fulfilled

I can help you too with..

90 days to you

A 3-month private coaching program
to help you find yourself

this program will help you

  • Figure out who you truly are – not what your spouse, parents or family want you to be
  • List out your needs and values in life so you don’t waste your time and energy on wrong partners, wrong jobs, wrong friends and focus on what’s important RIGHT NOW.
  • Learn to appreciate yourself & overcome the self-doubt that is stopping you everyday
  • Find your inner passions and purpose and bring them into your life so that you can..
  • Become motivated and be excited to wakeup in the morning and actually follow your routines and calendars
  • Become more fulfilled, more focusedless empty, less lonely and A LOT MORE HAPPY!

meet people like you
that I have helped

I was feeling quite confused around the path I would like to pursue, could not find my passion and where to focus! And I I've got a lot more clarity but also clear next steps to investigate more towards the direction that feels good!
Digital Marketeer
I feel very light. The weight of my thoughts is pretty much taken. Also she made a lot of my thoughts very clear for me and I got answers of some of my unanswered questions. Thanks a lot Jabeen! I'll do something that I love to do and I want to do. That makes me feel happy.
Photograher/Video Editor


90 days to you

12 private weekly coaching calls via zoom



Email support for
4 months


pay in full
($150 off)


payment plan


‘Apply Now’ takes you to a form. Once you fill the form, you will receive a payment request, a welcome packet and the next steps within 72 hours.

There will never be a perfect time to
start working on yourself

If you think you don't have time or this program might not help you..

I think you might need this more than I thought!!

I don't want you to go back to your life feeling

unwanted, unorganized & confused

I want you to wakeup everyday

self-reliant, motivated & passionate about your life

Are you ready to go after
your epic life?

better relationships & a purposeful career

do you still feel confused?

You may book a FREE 15 min call with me to see if this program will help you

frequently asked questions

This program is a perfect fit for 25-35 year olds, who feel lost and confused about who they are and what they need in life. They can’t see a future and are not sure of what they are doing right now. They heavily rely on validation from others and their support system brings them down. They feel unmotivated to do what they want. 

Reading books and blogs and watching YouTube videos will only take you so far. With one-on-one coaching you will get to your goals much faster with uniquely tailored steps designed just for you and your needs.

There will never a perfect time to go after your epic life. You will always come up with excuses because it’s scary to move towards a change. But believe me, the first step is the hardest but then it gets easier!

Of course! I will access your specific needs and we will work towards 3 goals throughout the program.

The coaching calls will be 60 mins long, once per week. Plus you’ll need to do some homework or implement some tasks.

Therapy involves healing past and current issues, trauma and learning to live them.

Life coaching is all about looking into the future and creating and going after the life of your dreams.

You cannot substitute this program for therapy.


If you have any mental or physical disabilities, I cannot help you fix that. BUT I will definitely coach you around that. Make sure you are seeing a therapist for depression, anxiety, etc and not substituting my coaching for that.

I can’t help you live with and deal with a toxic and controlling families and partners.

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