you can discover & learn to love yourself

It’s in your power to bring meaning and fulfillment back into your life and we want to help you get there

think about this for 5 minutes

& be honest

Does this sound like you?

  • you’re waiting everyday for your partner or friends to make you smile or care for you
  • you went through a breakup and you feel like you’ve forgotten who you are and you have no goals anymore
  • you’re in a constant battle with yourself and you wish you didn’t feel this empty all the time
  • you’re spending all your time taking care of others and none for yourself
  • you don’t have a ton of money to spend on one-on-one coaching but you desperately need someone to help you figure this shit out


Self-love membership

A place where you can work on yourself at your

own pace plus make amazing friends

inside the membership you’ll get

Weekly videos + do-able steps to take

A monthly affirmation with phone + desktop wallpaper

Your tribe of self-love besties for you to heal with

Art/journaling videos + weekly prompts


live group coaching

calls by us

We have been where you are and we can help you

on your journey to finding out who you are, feeling

content with yourself.

We’re both certified life coaches and believe in the

power of creative expression and positive psychology

to finding your self-worth.

this membership will help you

teach you to take care of your mind and emotions every week

identify and help you get closer to the life you dream about

bring back the feeling of fulfillment and energy back into your life

create your own version of happiness and not rely on others to make you happy

give a refreshing break from your exhausting week

give you your weekly boost of self-confidence you need

sweetheart, you deserve this

why you should join now

If you join the waitlist, you will be the first one to know when the membership launches.

Plus.. you’ll get the membership at an unbelievably low price!

Are you ready to take care of yourself?

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