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meet jabeen

I’m a multi-passionate artist, writer, self-love coach and speaker.

I’m on a mission to make people realize the power of personal development and prioritize giving time to themselves.

I’m super passionate about following my crazy dreams (like The Wishing Well), stepping out of the standards of society and being unapologetically me!

I love my green juices, pistachio ice-cream and being crazy on the canvas.

in the past 10 years

I’ve spent years not knowing who I was and what was my purpose. Eventually I found myself and my true calling!

I fought with bipolar disorder, anxiety and panic attacks and found the power of creative expression to help me cope with my troubles.

I broke free from a 4 year long abusive relationship and found my self-worth and created a support system that empowers me.

I switched multiple careers and jobs and found my ideal work life and routine that fulfills me.

i became a life coach because..

  • I found healing in talking about my story, struggles and my learnings in life
  • My blog played a huge role in helping me overcome depression
  • I always loved helping people and with time it became my passion
  • Office and desk-based jobs never fit me and drained me
And so I started life coaching & art facilitation to help myself, fulfil my passion all the while helping others live their best lives!
why i became a life coach

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